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We are a dependable
long term care pharmacy
offering complete solutions...


Long Term Care

We seek out the industries leaders in LTC software. Our clients can login through Blue Step or Point Click Care!

Customer Service

We go above the status quo to provide a perfect product, and use cost effective approaches to help save our nursing homes money.

24/7 Emergency Line

We offer 24/7 delivery for all emergencies free at cost through our automated voice messaging services!


New Solutions for Age Old Problems

Boomer Solutions is a premier long term care pharmacy designed to specifically meet the needs through a personalized care approach. Our pharmacist and pharmacy staff members offer state of the art technology to assure your clients the safety and peace of mind that they deserve while still ensuring that your facility meets all state and federal requirements. And because our services are customizable and our company is flexible to your facility, we can consistently update our services to optimize your medication therapy goals.

News & Updates

News & Updates coming soon!