We at Boomer Solutions have made a commitment to offer the most comprehensive pharmacy services with a personalized touch. Our company is designed specifically for the long-term care industry, our goal is to help make it possible to maximize your occupancy, increase resident retention and improve your residents’ dignity and overall healthcare independence.

Boomer Solutions Services

  • I.V. Infusions service 
  • Implementation and establishment of drug formularies 
  • Custom compounding 
  • Timely and accurate billing reports 
  • Emergency drug delivery 24/7 
  • Unit dose packaging 
  • Direct billing to responsible parties (i.e. families, residents, trust, or third-party companies) 
  • Cooperative assistance in dealing with all insurance plans 
  • Monthly customizable reports for patient accounts 
  • Real-time or web based monthly in-service training 

Boomer Solutions of Eufaula:

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Boomer Solutions of Tulsa:

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