Business Ethics

Letter from the President and CEO

Boomer Solutions CEO Larry BurkeI believe that Core values, both as individuals and as a company, guide how we do business and give Guardian Pharmacy a distinct advantage over others in the long-term pharmacy market.

We conduct business according to the Golden Rule – fairly and honestly treating your fellow co-workers, our customers, and our patients with dignity and respect. We are performance-driven and committed to hard work, initiative, and personal development. At the same time, we must follow the Golden Rule in every dealing, inside and outside of work. Do what’s right, no matter what. That is the best way, and the right way, to succeed in business.

Understanding Our Code

Guardian’s Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (the “Code”) is a reflection of our core values and guiding principles – integrity, respect, and leadership. The Code is designed to govern employee conduct as well as the conduct between our employees and third parties, including customers, the residents and patients that we serve, competitors, business associates, contractors, and others who assist Guardian.

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