E-Health Records

When we first created Boomer Solutions we knew that to be a complete and competitive solution we had to have an electronic health care platform to offer all our users. In the beginning we realized we are pharmacists, not software writers. Instead of putting together our own mediocre software package, we've created a unique experience by seeking out the industry leaders in the EHR market by developing a strategic partnership in order to offer the best solutions available.


Your business is successful because you are unique. So why would you run your business the same as your competitors? Most healthcare software vendors try to fit your business to their solution. Not BlueStep. Their flexible Web-based solutions are customized to fit your business. Over 400 communities across the nation depend on BlueStep to improve the quality of their unique healthcare services. BlueStep integrates resident management, facility operations, customer service, medication administration, human resources, and many other core functions. They offer the power of an all-inclusive system, with the ease of end-user customization. Finally, thereis a complete solution that allows you to run your business your way.


PointClickCare is adding more customers per month than any other vendor on the market. That’s because their web-based solutions are uniquely designed to help long-term care providers of all sizes manage the complete lifecycle of resident care. From pre-admission to discharge, their integrated approach to EHR streamlines clinical, MDS, billing, and administrative processes with maintenance-free software that is as robust as it is easy to use.



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