Nurse Consulting Services

Boomer nurse consultants are experts in understanding the issues of your industry, and are passionate about creating solutions that work. They have a proven track record of helping facilities more efficiently meet regulatory demands while always keeping resident health and fiscal responsibility at the forefront of their minds. From education and analysis to implementation of a more streamlined system, we can help.

We've developed time-tested systems that are proven to maximize efficiencies and meet regulatory demands. Our team is available to educate, analyze and/or implement in any of the following areas:

  • Survey Trend Awareness and Compliance
  • Pre-Survey Audits
  • Building strong medicare A and Medicare B programs
  • Managing the MDS Process
  • HIPAA Compliance Program Development
  • Resident Assessment Training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Documentation Standards
  • Department Manager Training
  • Quality Indicators
  • Facility Management
  • Mock Survey
  • Resident Care Management/MDS Coordinator Course
  • Director of Nursing Services Course

Boomer Solutions of Eufaula:

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Boomer Solutions of Tulsa:

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